Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the governors to provide regional support mechanisms for the transport companies. He recalled the backbone enterprises, with special support measures. “We should not forget that in each region there are companies, who provide important, system-specific territory. Mainly we are talking about bus and river transport, suburban rail transport. In this regard, I ask the heads of subjects of Federation to provide support mechanisms to such enterprises”,— said Mr. Putin at a meeting on the development of the transport sector (quoted by the Kremlin website). He urged to pay special attention to seasonal transport, particularly river transport. His work is difficult now, and companies need assistance. Vladimir Putin noted that a common problem for passenger transport is the reduction of tourist flows. International tourism almost stopped, and its restoration will take time. “We need to seize the reserves of the transport sector to focus on the development of domestic tourism, inter-regional transport for the provision of quality, affordable services to our citizens, who after the lifting of restrictions will definitely plan a trip to the countries”,— said Mr. Putin. Previously, “Kommersant” reported that the Ministry of transport has significantly expanded and added to the list of measures to support the transport industry in terms of COVID-19. In particular, a wide range of relief measures for the aviation industry and cargo transport, city electric transport, railway and bus stations. Details — in the material “Kommersant” “vehicle tax”.