Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, asked the journalists to have patience and to wait, when the head of state will announce that the vote on the amendments to the Constitution and the Victory parade.

“once he decides, he will tell,” said Sands. According to him, the decision will be made “on the basis of summary data”.

however, the press Secretary of the President found nothing surprising in the fact that the authors of the explanatory note to the draft law on education submitted to the state Duma last week, referring to the amendments to the Constitution as already taken.

“It’s the thesis. So it is normal that he is addressed in the explanatory Memorandum. There’s no catch or legal case,” – said Peskov.

He promised that in the nearest future the Kremlin will also clarify the situation with the holding of the summits of SCO and BRICS, which was held in July in St. Petersburg.

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