a Regional leader thanked for his tremendous assistance in the aftermath of last year’s summer flood. “We agreed on all the programs we have in principle all goes according to plan,” he said.

“of Course, today the main task is the reconstruction of housing and social facilities. We moved it from a dead point”, said Kobzev. By the end of the year will be built 780 dwellings, more than 41 thousand square meters, he said.

this July, an emergency dam built in Nizhneudinsk, in Tulun and in alygdzer, stood and did not allow re-flooding. “Today, engineering protection comes to the fore,” said the speaker and told about the plans of further construction of dams.

Speaking about the resettlement of people from dilapidated houses, Kobzev noticed that people thank the President, “because they are not being abandoned”.

“overall, how would you assess the progress in terms of quality? I mean, housing, and social infrastructure”, – asked the head of state. In September the school will be open and infectious Department of Central district hospital, will be built ice Palace.

“We came here with the Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, and the people simply did not believe that this is happening to them is a fairy tale. That’s why I have them I send you a request if you will have the opportunity to visit Sochi and see what happens already with my own eyes. Indeed, things are changing,” said acting head of the region.

“Come. Housing how?” – said Putin. “Yes, the disruption works there, but in General, we expect that before the cold weather deliver on the objectives we have set, namely 160 individual houses and more than 780 flats in apartment buildings we will build,” the source said, and promised to show everything in person.

“When do you think they will be ready?” – asked the President. “If individual residential buildings – by September 1, 120 of the homes we inject into operation, settled. We have settled in 66 families in three two-storey houses. Today we build six buildings of up to 500 apartments, today we leave the monolith on the fourth floor, we have a task before September 1, the closed loop high-rise buildings and before December 1 of the plan after all, reinforcing this work to settle 500 families,” was the reply.