Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the response of the British foreign Ministry on the article of Vladimir Putin about the Second world war.

In his article, the Russian leader urged the partners to preserve the historical truth based on facts, and discuss the events of the past critically and impartially. Thus, according to him, Russia will always be grateful for the help of allies in supplying the red army during the war.

Commenting on the article, a representative of the British foreign office said that history should not be rewritten in favor of the interests of a particular country. The Ministry said that the victory over the Nazi regime was made possible thanks to the courage of the allies and the Soviet Union,

"London has decided not to engage in polemics with Putin on World war II", – said Pushkov in the comments on Twitter.

The Senator pointed out that the British foreign office acknowledged the Soviet role in the defeat of Nazism, however, did not comment the topic of the causes of the war.


Pushkov added that the Munich agreement of the West with Hitler is "Achilles heel" attempts to lay the blame for the war on the Soviet Union.