Liberal Europe is shocked by the statement of US President Joe Biden about the end of the era of military reconstruction of other countries. Alexey Pushkov, chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy and interaction with the media, wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

Europe has always” enthusiastically ” supported American regime change operations. Now she feels betrayed by the president of the main power of the Western world, the main guardian of the doctrine of the liberal world order, the country-the stronghold of liberal values, for which the European liberal elite has always prayed, the Russian senator noted.

According to him, Europe is confused: she hated Donald Trump, dreamed of Biden and got him along with the US defeat in Afghanistan. Washington will no longer be able to shake off the dust of Afghanistan and continue changing regimes in other countries. “And it’s time for liberal Europe to start getting used to this extremely unpleasant fact for it,” Pushkov concluded.

Earlier, in an address to the nation, the US president said that the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan draws a line under the era of major military operations aimed at rebuilding other countries by force. Biden added that he does not regret the decision, calling it correct and wise. According to the American leader, the war in the Middle East no longer meets the interests of the United States.

The words of the US president that “it’s time to stop” with interference in the affairs of other countries are positive. The Russian side welcomes this approach, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.