Purple mask and shampoo for blondes, the new aroma with organic base from sugar beet, makeup brush massage with metal rollers, soft cleansing of the face and other novelties of the week — in our review.

Aroma My Way, Giorgio Armani (5 750 rubles for 30 ml)

the Trend for eco-friendly covered and brand Giorgio Armani. It released the perfumers aroma My Way, the ingredients of which were obtained in accordance with the principles of fair trade, and alcohol-based organic — from sugar beets. In addition, each element of the bottle which can be recycled.

At the heart of floral arrangements notes of tuberose, combined with accords of Madagascar vanilla, bergamot, Jasmine, cedar and white musk.

the Face of novelty was an American actress Adria Arjona. She is now in the film, Morbius (part kynoselen Marvel), which will be released in 2021.

Adria Arjona — traveler, smart, curious, free spirit, independent and able to appreciate every moment in life. She is a citizen of the world. Thanks to its experience it can really say: “I am what I live,”

said about the new face of Giorgio Armani.

the Launch of the fragrance marks the beginning of the ecological program Giorgio Armani, aimed at reducing the environmental impact and to combat climate change.

I believe that environmental issues must now be close to the heart of every than ever. We can not ignore the fact that the future of the young generation depends on our choice today,

— said the designer.

From 10 to 23 August, the fragrance will be presented exclusively in the online boutique of the brand, as well as in their own boutique brand in the shopping center “atrium” in Moscow, on shelves throughout the country, it will appear on August 23.

Collection of The Detailers brushes, beautyblender (price on request)

Fans of classic byteblaster often asked when the range will be an alternative to the sponge for those who like a brush. Asked get. The brand presented a collection of five makeup brushes, beautyblender The Detailers: for applying powder, eye shadows, for shading, brush for eyebrows and eyelashes, the stubble for eye makeup.

the Famous American make-up artist Rea Ann Silva joined means on care of skin and tools for applying makeup in a single product: three brushes from the collection complemented by a massage with metal rollers.

the Inspiration for their creation became Chinese jade rollers for the face. All brushes are made of ethical materials without the use of animal products. Roller on the other side of the brush is made of special alloy of zamac, which is always remains cool and does not require special cooling unit��niya. It is not porous, therefore hygienic and easy to clean.

Limited edition fragrances are La Petite Robe Noire So Frenchy, Guerlain (6 197 rubles for 50 ml)

Famous fragrance in honor of the little black dress came in a stylish ceramic bottles with red, white and blue stripes, by which it is simply impossible to pass. Fans of the songs (like toilet water and perfume) can not survive, the content itself has not changed. Perfumers Thierry Wasser and Dolphin Jelq left the main note is rose, she is accompany the chords of ripe black cherry, patchouli and black tea. Toilet water is woven from the same rose, only in combination with the citrus and white musk.

Limited edition collection of lipsticks is Milk Tea Shop, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty (3 031 RUB)

a Collection of mouth-watering colors and I want to taste! This is not a classic red or orange and not the standard pastel colors, it sudovye shades reminiscent of candy, a latte and a spicy milk tea. The menu has three colors in two versions: pink Candy Nudes, creamy Latte and pumpkin Spicy Nudes Nudes.

Gel cleanser Don’t Touch My Cleanser, Don’t touch my skin (1 090 rubles)

In the line of the Russian brand has a mild gel cleanser that removes impurities from the skin, unstable makeup and sunscreen, but does not dry out or washes away beneficial lipids.

part of the formula — glycerin, squalane, trehalose and aloe Vera gel, they prevent a feeling of tightness. The texture does not foam as of soap in it, as well as fragrances, dyes and essential oils.

Purple shampoo and mask “color Expert”, Elseve, L’oreal Paris (358 RUB and RUB 299)

That unites the owners of bleached, permed and bleached hair? The desire to prevent the emergence of yellow, copper and red shades. To the rescue in this case will come two purple product range Elseve.

blonde hair, tend to be more susceptible to damage from UV rays. New formula hair dye purple palette used approach to neutralize the colors in accordance with the arrangement of shades on the color spectrum. The color purple is opposite yellow in the color spectrum, so the mixing removes unwanted yellow, said Elizabeth Badana, Director of scientific communications at L’oréal Paris.

Once a week use purple shampoo, and then apply a mask that intensely nourishes, corrects yellowing and maintains a cool pigment the owners of the ashen and gray hair, including highlighted brunettes.