Punch a hole in the carrier The American media praised Russias Zircons

MOSCOW, 18 Jul – RIA Novosti. Russian hypersonic anti-ship missiles “Zircon” pose a serious threat to any fleet, despite the absence of nuclear warheads, writes the National Interest.

the American edition in the first place, said the high-speed properties of this weapon. “Zircons” ways to reach speeds of Mach five (five times the speed of sound. — Approx.ed.). For this indicator, they will outperform other modern Russian anti-ship missiles “Onyx”. The Russian military is promising that the speed of the “Zircons” is going to be nine swings.

“Flying with a speed of more than Mach 5 will provide so much kinetic energy that even a concrete-filled warhead will trigger a powerful explosion when hitting the ground or blow a hole in the carrier”, – emphasizes the author.

the Newspaper reminds that hypersonic weapons are extremely difficult to defend against because of their maneuverability.

“It’s like shooting a bullet at a bullet”, – says the publication.

National Interest also indicates that “Zircon” will be equipped with more modern Russian weapons — submarines of the “Ash”. Earlier edition dubbed the ships “the most terrible submarine” for the U.S. Navy. These submarines can stay under water undetected for several months. A combination of “Zircon” and submarines of the “Yasen” the author calls “the silent killer”.

“Zircon” — a hypersonic missile, whose range can reach up to thousands of kilometers. It is expected that they will be placed both on the surface and underwater ships of the Russian Navy.

Submarine project “Ash” — a series of domestic multi-purpose submarines of the fourth generation. The lead ship of the project — the nuclear submarine “Severodvinsk” — entered the Navy in 2014. this Fall is also expected the adoption of the submarine “Kazan”, designed for the modernized project “Ash-M”. Within this series, the domestic fleet also needs to of the submarine “Novosibirsk”, “Krasnoyarsk”, “Arkhangelsk”, “Perm”, “Ulyanovsk” and two more ships.