More than 500 thousand records with data on indicators of the condition of the body brought citizens into the category of “health Diary” of electronic medical records using mobile application “SYSTEM connect”. This is six times more than the number of records made by them manually This was told in the press service of the Complex social development. Muscovites often make the data of the pulse — more than 280 thousand records.

the Function of “health Diary” in electronic medical records on became available to users on March 27. From now on, she has used already more than 10 thousand people. And from June 26, the feature is available in the mobile version of electronic medical records in the mobile application “SYSTEM.INFO”.

In the section “health Diary”, you can enter data about body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level and blood sugar. Doctor is gives a more complete picture of the health of the patient and to track the changes occurring in his body.

in addition, users can also synchronize electronic diaries health Apple Health and Google Fit with the “Diary of health” in electronic medical records available on in the application “SYSTEM.INFO”. To do this, simply install the mobile application “SYSTEM connect” and agree to send the desired information in an electronic map. With Apple Health and Google Fit integrated smart watches and bracelets, as well as some blood pressure monitors, glucometers and other medical devices. With the consent of the patient data from those gadgets the doctors if necessary, can study in real time.

Electronic medical record on the portal enables citizens to quickly obtain current information about the state of his health. Residents of the capital can see, for example, results of laboratory and radiological studies from 2019 and other instrumental examinations (such as endoscopy and ECG) in 2020, and the minutes of the examinations of the doctors in the clinic in 2017, which contain information about the patient’s complaints, inspection results, diagnosis and recommendations for treatment, information about the history of the disease. The service is designed Metropolitan departments — the Department of health, the Committee of public services and the Department of information technology.

Access to “medical Records” in the mobile app to get users older than 15 years, with Moscow mandatory medical insurance policy. In addition, they need to make access to the electronic medical record on the portal To register on the portal you need to open section “Catalogue of services” to go under “Health”, then select the tab “Request, change and remove access to the electronic medical record” and click on “Get service”. Next you need filled��it a statement, following the instructions. To gain access to maps of children parents must submit a separate application on the portal Access to the electronic medical record will be provided within five business days.

Download the mobile app “SYSTEM.INFO” and “SYSTEM connect” in Google Play or App Store.

All personal information and medical patient data is well protected. To gain access to the electronic medical record is necessary to confirm the identity. In addition, whenever you log in to the app user receives a one-time password to your mobile phone.