Associates of the American President Donald trump seems to have found that “retaliation weapon”, which they effectively hope to hit the primary campaign of his opponent Democrat Joe Biden in the heart. This instrument were accused of violent acts of sexual character, has made against Mr. Biden, the employee is still his senatorial office of Tara Reid.Incriminating video, speakers, interviews and comments — the Republicans launched against Joe Biden a real information campaign. For example, in the movie “Uncovered: the double standards of the Democrats trust women” the fragment of an interview with Tara Reid with her charges, then seem prominent Democrats, including himself, Mr. Biden, with the statement that women made allegations of sexual abuse, you have to believe. In General, these phrases are taken from reviews that policy was given in connection with the charges put forward against Donald trump a candidate member of the Supreme court, Brett kavanaugh.Generally, allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior — the weapon is old and tested, but it is too often used against the Republicans (the Donald trump and Brett Cavanaugh) and the battles with them are considerably dulled. This is due to the fact that the Democrats long accustomed the American public to the presumption of guilt in such cases.That logic worked until the accused were Donald trump, but when it was Joe Biden, the mechanism of public condemnation failed. Policy immediately recalled by the prosecution, haunting him for years: a tendency to excessive physical contact with women. The fact that during the formation of Mr. Biden considered innocent prank, in the current years is considered to be extremely reprehensible, especially among the radical Democrats of the electorate refuse to fight for democratic socialist Bernie Sanders to Joe Biden needs to win over.Scandal with his excessive craving to hug and touch already flared up about a year ago, and then took the intercession of many prominent democratic former staff member of the office of Mr. Biden, the counselor of ex-President Barack Obama Valerie Garett and the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi, to cool the interest in this topic and attributed it to the oddity of politics, well-known image of “his guy”.A year ago, it was about inappropriate hugging or touching hands, and then Tara Reid was describing a much more egregious behaviour, referring to the “penetration of the fingers”. Second, in 2019 Joe Biden were rivals (at the beginning of April, when the scandal was in its most active phase, it is even not yet officially began the campaign), and now the politician remains the only viable candidate to fortrouble among Democrats and almost guaranteed to be nominated from the party in the presidential election on 3 November.He is the current President, against whom allegations of harassment at different times has advanced about 20 women, in no hurry to attack his political opponent. “That’s when you suddenly become rich and famous, to be President, there are people whom you knew and whom you never saw, and they begin to press charges. I’ll tell Joe Biden: “Go and fight”,”— advised the Democrat Mr. trump.”This is the eternal problem of Joe Biden, just as it remains a challenge for Brett Cavanaugh. There’s no avoiding it”,— commented on the story in an interview with the publication Politico, lobbyist Brian Lanza, who worked with the headquarters of Donald trump in 2016 and retains close ties with the ruling administration. Sources close to the President also acknowledge that I understand that their candidate is not the best figure to criticize Joe Biden for inappropriate sexual behavior, and because the White house intentionally from this line of attack distance, leaving it to the employees of staff and ally of the President.The survey company Morning Consult showed that every fourth Democrat, familiar with the case and watching the reaction of the rejected charges Joe Biden, expressed the desire to change the candidate. It is noteworthy that in the age group 45 years (traditional supporters of the radical Bernie Sanders) this desire was expressed from 40% of respondents.A survey by Reuters and Ipsos, the company in turn, demonstrated that Joe Biden lost all electoral advantage over the incumbent head of state. And it is possible that data can still be changed: only 53% of respondents said that they aware of the accusations of Mrs. reed. The situation is aggravated by the fact that Donald trump leads the fight against the epidemic of the coronavirus and the gradual abolition of quarantine measures and therefore constantly flashed in the media, while Joe Biden has been forced to settle for a recording in the basement of their home in Delaware.Alexey Naumov