Edoardo Mapelli, Mozzi and Princess Beatrice

July 17, 31-year-old Princess Beatrice and her 37-year-old chosen Edoardo Mapelli, Mozzi secretly married in a private ceremony at Windsor castle. Today, a few days after the celebration, to which were invited only relatives and friends of the couple, in the press, was finally published the first pictures of the newlyweds.

On one of these pictures Princess Beatrice and her new husband emerges from the chapel of All Saints in Windsor great Park to the guests who were on holiday about 20 people. For the solemn day the bride chose a vintage dress of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, in which she appeared at the movie premiere in 1962. The outfit, adorned with diamonds, were a bit refined and precisely tailored to the shape of the Princess. The image of Beatrice complement the lush veil and tiara, which she also kindly gave my grandmother, in her Queen Elizabeth II appeared at her own wedding to Prince Philip.

Edoardo Mapelli, Mozzi and Princess Beatrice

Elizabeth II actually went to the wedding of Beatrice with much more attention than the celebrations on the occasion of the marriage of his other grandchildren. The Queen tried to do everything to Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend to remember this moment, despite the fact that they had to abandon the traditional Quinceanera ceremony due to pandemic coronavirus.

At the other photos from this anniversary, Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli, Mozzi already posing at the entrance to the chapel of All Saints, together with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. The picture shows the couple and their guests strictly observe social distance: this rule was essential for all invited to the previous day’s ceremony.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli, Mozzi

While on the official shots don’t hit the father of Beatrice, 60-year-old Prince Andrew. The son of Queen Elizabeth II attended the ceremony, and even led his daughter to the altar, however, it was decided not to include it in the publicly released pictures of sex scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein.

the ceremony was also attended by sister Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, who was her bridesmaid, and four-year-old son Edoardo from his previous relationship with American architect Huang Dara on this one. The boy was both best man and the boy-page held the event.

Wedding ceremony of Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli, Mozzi

it is Known that after the official part of the chapel, the couple and their guests went to the wedding party which was held at the residence Royal Lodge. All the guests waited for the reception with specialty cocktails and gourmet cuisine. After the end oftion of the holiday, many guests stayed overnight specifically for them in the countryside were installed, houses the capsule, which was as comfortable as hotel rooms.

Recall that initially Edoardo Mapelli, Mozzi and Princess Beatrice were planning to play a big wedding for 150 guests in late may. However, due to the pandemic coronavirus young eventually had to change their plans.

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