now, On to the real-5G – that is us-up to 200 times the speed of the mobile internet promises to be – is to wait a little longer, but Proximus will start on the 1st of april (and that’s not a joke!) a “light” version, which is already 30 per cent faster, it would have been. If you do have to pay for a new iphone and a new device is needed.

on Wednesday, Proximus, in 30 municipalities all over the country (including, amongst others, in Bruges, Leuven and Ostend (oostende) for faster mobile internet. Faster than the current 4G, but it is still not as fast as the future of 5G. A ” 5G “light,” so, if you want to be.

quite an expensive joke.

To use the new service, to be able to use it, all you need is a copy of the identity card, you also need to have a new smartphone to buy. That can be done from Wednesday on the website of Network. “But a lot of the choice will be, you don’t have to be, because there is only one unit available.”, says a digital expert, Luc, Bleyaert. Which, Yes, you Find the X2-Pro would also be of 1.199 dollars.

“if you Add in a monthly subscription from 49,99 euro per month, and it will be a costly affair. Also, because of the number of congregations with 5 g of light will be able to surf the internet is limited,” says the telecom specialist oplossing. Notable: it’s not in the city centre of Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent in belgium. Already have a Proximus or a deal for Brussels Airport, in order for the system to roll out, and it would also be a part of the port of Antwerp as a test case have been chosen.

Waiting for the auction.

For all of these reasons, is, Luc, Bleyaert, it is still too early to take this step. “I can see that, in any case, don’t do anything yet and will wait until at least the end of the year,” says a digital expert. “I can’t get rid of the impression that this is more of a marketing stunt it is. That the chief executive Guillaume Boutin didn’t want to tell you how many users of Proximus targets, reinforces the impression of it.”

in the Meantime, still waiting for the real 5G technology, which, to us of up to 200 times the speed of the mobile internet promises to be and has been advertised. “However, the 5G licenses have yet to be auctioned. It was the intention to file the post-election dust to pick up, but difficult the formation of the corona virus have it all shelved,” says Bleyaert. And at the same time, the technology is not standing still.

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