More than 165 thousand people in the capital passed the tests for detection of antibodies to coronavirus infection. According to the last two weeks, the immune system is formed 17.4 percent of the population. Reported by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

in addition, according to preliminary results of testing the average titer of antibody has increased by almost 10 points — from 63,8 to 72.2. There are more people with high titers (> 50) — they are already more than half. Two weeks ago residents was 43 percent. This indicates a strong possibility of the formation of the immune system.

in Addition to identifying emerging immune to COVID-19, the antibody allows us to identify those who are now sick with coronavirus.

Slight difference in the percent of cases between CLIA and PCR studies due to the fact that the swab for the PCR test detects the virus in the first few days of the disease, that is often only at an early stage, and CLIA testing at a later stage and covers a wider range of people.

40 percent of the total number of people who have daily diagnosed coronavirus, it carries asymptomatic. Prolonged monitoring of patients in this category shows that the onset of symptoms occurs in only 14-15 percent of cases.

Despite the amount of testing of the citizens, the daily number of detected cases gradually reduced.

people can register for the testing for antibodies in one of the 30 clinics. The slots for recording open daily. The process is organized in order to avoid the queues.

the Results of inspections are entered into an electronic medical record within three days. The service has 20 percent of the citizens who have passed tests. After delivery of the analysis using the PCR method or CLIA Muscovites will get a TEXT message that the test result can be seen in the electronic medical record (referring to page).

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