Russian singer Prokhor Chaliapin said about the well-being of his new wife, 42-year-old millionaire Tatiana Claudia Davis, who was hospitalized immediately after their wedding in Las Vegas.

“Tatiana is now in a serious condition, in a medically induced coma, on a ventilator. And her dad is under an oxygen mask. So everything is complicated. I am very worried about them. These are very good people. And I do not know why they had such a test in life,” Chaliapin said.

The artist said that now he is corresponding with the mother of his wife. Previously, he was able to communicate with his wife once a day, but now she is not able to do this. Chaliapin suggested that she could have contracted the coronavirus during the wedding celebration in the club from one of their friends.

The singer noted that he himself had managed to get both components of the vaccination before meeting Tatiana in the United States, and her poor health began to manifest itself 3 days after their wedding. At first, they thought that the woman had a common cold and were self-medicating, but within a few days she was getting worse and on August 9, the artist’s wife was taken to the intensive care unit. “The next three days are critical, a lot depends on them,” Chaliapin said.

The wedding of Prokhor Chaliapin and Tatiana Claudia Davis took place in one of the most expensive hotels in Las Vegas and cost about 15 million rubles. The chosen one of the Russian singer owns a network of law offices in Canada. Now she is in an American hospital under an artificial lung ventilation (ventilator).