you, and Dirk Devroey, professor of family medicine (free university of brussels) has a Tuesday night in Regard to an invitation to the mass to test for the corona virus in residential care homes.

The professor believes that if is not for everyone – staff and residents – can be tested, up to half may die. “That’s 40,000 people,” said Annelies Beck. “I want to send a clear message that it is urgent that everyone is tested,” says Devroey. So, the people who test positive can be separated from the non-contaminating. Look, we’re with our families, with three or four of these in our room. But for those people, as a group of twenty or thirty together. If one person is infected, then everyone is infected. The staff can go home, can the virus be introduced. This is a very dangerous trap. We need to get the groups to separate.”

the Four steps are:

it is Striking, on the 7th of march, called Devroey is still on, don’t test it. “That’s true, but the situation is quite different. Then, it took several days for results. You had to be there, so they just assume that someone is infected, if he has any complaints had been. Now, the situation is very different. We thought, ” we’re going to the nursing homes shut down and the locals escape, for example, the virus and not inside. However, the virus may be, so, however, in some of the residential care centres, there are quite a lot of deaths. Now, it is so, however, it is time to test it. No one will even question it.”

we Had a lot of deaths could be avoided if we used to be larger had to be tested? “Something like that, you can always say afterwards. We have introduced measures that are available. But for now, we need to have a risk analysis – that is, it is still not good enough. Then, we need to test it to do, the staff will have better training and protection equipment to ensure. That there are four main steps to bring the situation there to the rescue.”

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