Tigerkongen have a tigerprins with a secret ex-wife.

It reveals Joe Exotics, former producer, Rick Kirkham, in a Q&A interview about the popular Netflix documentary ‘Tiger King’, which has taken almost the whole world by storm.

It writes the New York Post and Metro.

In the program looks, among other things, Joe Exotic declare her love for her two husbands, but now it turns out, therefore, that it is not always have been men which has been the recipient of such as nfl tigerkonges love.

“Very few people know that Joe (Exotic, red.) was married to a woman years earlier,” says producer Rick Kirkham in the aforementioned interview.

Rick Kirkham does not tell who the ex-wife – and mother to Joe Exotic’s son is – but according to the Exotics niece, Chealsi Putman, is the ex-wife Exotics ex-girlfriend Kim, and the couple had a son named Brandon Chappell.

the Son is supposed to be 38 years old and have three children.

According to both Rick Kirkham and søren kierkegaard’s niece, helped the son in fact, in the Netflix documentary.

“I’m surprised that it was not mentioned. Joe treated his son worse than he treated other employees. He expected more of him. He expected, that he took the leadership, and that he worked harder,” says producer and continues:

“He got his son to sweep instead of giving him a decent job – such as feeding the animals. It was almost as if he regretted having been a child. He regretted having been married.”

According to søren kierkegaard’s niece, Chealsi talking Joe Exotic is not with his son the day today. This is because, allegedly, the two had a falling out some years back.

søren kierkegaard’s niece, claims that uvenskabet consists in the fact that Joe Exotic-tried to force the son’s wife to commit fraud, since she reportedly was responsible for the accounting of the zoo’s economy.

As a result of this came the parties up and peaks and then selected the son and his wife to travel away from the zoo with their children.

Joe Exotic is sitting in currently in prison as a result of a 22-year-long judgment.

A dom, he had to have ordered contract killings on his nemesis Carole Baskin, who is also featured in the documentary.

Lejemordet, which incidentally cost the lives of Joe Exotic 3,000 dollars, however, was never carried out, and Carole Baskin is thus still alive and well.