Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to hold a national referendum on amending the country’s Constitution. The head of the government of Japan intends to organize a vote before it will expire of its powers. According to local media reports, this will happen in September 2021.

“I still have one year and three months as Chairman of the liberal democratic party, and I would like to hold a referendum during this term,” Abe said. In his opinion, made 70 years ago the Constitution does not meet modern requirements and must be changed.

this, in particular, about the ninth article, which proclaims Japan’s renunciation of the possession of military capabilities and the use of force in international disputes. This item prevents Tokyo to increase its military capabilities. The liberal democratic party, which leader is Abe, for many years, trying to change the situation.

To make changes to the Constitution need to hold a nationwide referendum that would be possible only if it is supported by two thirds of the deputies of both chambers of the Japanese Parliament. In the lower house, Abe has the necessary number of supporters, but not at the top.

it is Worth mentioning that last year the Prime Minister of Japan vowed on the grave of his father to initiate in the Parliament a serious discussion of amendments to the Constitution.

meanwhile, a significant part of the population of Japan does not want to change the 9th article, for fear that the participation of their country in the international conflict itself will make Japan a target for aggressive countries.