the Possibility of introducing the protection from emergencies is being discussed by the agriculture and industrial community in 2018. Now Russia has a so-called multischema system of agricultural insurance. Regardless of when the happened insured event (extreme weather, disease, etc.), compensation for the growers is paid at the end of selhoztehnika in that case, if at the end of the harvest there is a decrease in yield.

the System of agricultural insurance subsidized by government. Last year on these purposes it has been allocated half a billion rubles. As the results of the past year insured area grew four times – all were insured 4.3 million acres, and only 6% of the total area.

Often farmers complain of expensive insurance, the complex and sometimes unfair system of counting losses, the long wait of payment. The new program should complement the existing system. It is designed to cover the direct costs to farmers, something that the country never had. The program will allow us to compensate for crop damage in the disaster.

“the Practice of 2019 showed that such a program is necessary to protect high-risk areas: more than 90% of flooded farmland in the regions of the Far East was not insured,” – said birdow.

According to the draft NSA when you declare a state of emergency in connection with the death of crops, the insurance company is concluded on the basis of space monitoring data. The insurance indemnity is calculated on the basis of the sum insured per hectare of the affected area. The sum insured is set at a certain percentage (NSA offers 40%) of the value of the expected harvest. He, in turn, is calculated from credability yield by area of sowing and average rates of production in the preceding period. In the contract at the request of the landowner can be applied to the insurance deductible (uncovered losses).

In comparison with multirisque the new system involves a simplified procedure for the conclusion of the contract, evaluation of loss and insurance payout. Farmers will be able to receive insurance compensation, which do not need to consider the situation in each region at the level of the Federal authorities. In this case the funds industry will be able to use to Finance the replanting affected crops if possible. The cost of insurance for such a program will be much, up to five times lower in comparison with the current multiracial program, according to biggov.

“the insurance System should guarantee farmers compensation for damages for any adverse scenario for the agrometeorological conditions,” – said the expert. According to him, the scope of such a program Bothan 50% of the sowing area will require subsidy in the amount of 7-9 billion rubles. Half the cost of the insurance will pay the landowner, the other half of the state.

the proposals of the Ministry of agriculture about the possibility of establishing a system of agricultural insurance against emergencies and make relevant changes to the legislation now undergoing departmental approval, said the Ministry. The Agency plans to complete this procedure in 2020 and begin to implement programs already in 2021-m In March, Deputy Minister of agriculture of Russia Elena fastova estimated cost of the new program of prevention of emergency situations in the amount of 15 billion rubles. This amount of state support would cover 70-80% of the farmers.