Katy Perry

the 35-year-old Katy Perry and 43-year-old Orlando bloom will soon become parents. On Sunday, the pop star revealed to fans on instagram the nursery for his future daughter. The singer had already become a traditional live Smile Sunday, during which she surprised fans, showing a room decorated in pink tones. The singer also revealed a funny jumpsuit decorated with the image of the face of her fiancé Orlando bloom, a cradle and a rocking chair.

Katie made a joke that he wants to “evict” your child in the near future. Earlier, a close source to the couple told People that the actor and his bride fully prepared for the birth of his daughter. The insider also said that the future spouses themselves decorated nursery.

And during the may show, Graham Norton, Perry admitted that “quickly learns to be a mother.” In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the singer said that he is not afraid to experience pain at the birth of the firstborn,

the Pain will pass. This is temporary

she admitted.

Katy Perry and Orlando bloom

the Expectant mother also said that her approach to motherhood have changed over the years:

Five years ago I would have said “Get me this child.” But I understand the reasons why I felt insecure: it’s all in your own education. And then I reprogrammed my thoughts. Our brain is ready to change. You can change it any time you want.

Perry wants to raise her child “not the way you raised her.” The singer is ready to give the child full freedom of creativity.