From that day, as in certain areas declared compulsory wearing of masks; from the day it was announced that the metro mask will be mandatory, we expected that these ads will end with the phrase: “the Distribution of masks will be made in Moscow at all the entrances to the subway, and all shops, pharmacies, bus stops”.

This announcement we have not waited. Citizens will have masks to buy. The authorities had ordered to wear, and the distribution will not. Will pay.

— on Monday over Moscow flying warplanes, delighting the eyes of those who saw the rehearsal of the parade. The President always says how important it is to remember how Holy it is necessary to remember about the great Patriotic war. All agree. But the memory of the war is not just battles, defeats and victories.

the air RAID alarm the citizens had to go down to the shelter. The majority in the metro. Can anyone imagine that at the entrance to the shelter had to buy the tickets? During an air alert for the entrance to the subway to ask for money?

All the prewar, war and postwar years there was a danger that the enemy will use chemical weapons, poisonous gases. Citizens were handing out gas masks. Never it was not about selling them.

Today, the enemy again attacked from the air. Today, the war came in every city. But the state has become much richer. The state Yes, but most people — no. Give them inspiration, show on TV how the President buys the mask. In this picture, no one fool will not believe.