In Poland, the ongoing pandemic. Somewhere ill people. Overcrowded hospitals. 737 people died from the coronavirus. But do not care now the country’s authorities. The ruling party “law and justice” and its permanent leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski is trying by all means to hold presidential elections as soon as possible, because, as explained by the Associated Press, “the party fears that its candidate, incumbent President Andrzej Duda, may lose the support of voters, which is now kept at a high level.” “If the vote is to be moved to a later date, it will have at the time when the pandemic coronavirus will deal a severe blow to the Polish economy”, says AP.

Originally, presidential elections were scheduled for may 10, but the epidemic Kaczynski has confused all the cards. Even partners in the ruling coalition of the party “Consent” refused to support voting by mail, if it takes place next weekend. In the evening on may 5, the Senate – the upper chamber of Parliament rejected the amendments to the electoral code that allowed it to do, and to overcome the veto of senators without the help of “Consent” the party of Kaczynski could not. The day before, as if there is no epidemic, and mandatory social distancing, in the Warsaw headquarters of the leader of the “Peace” had gathered the entire ruling elite of the country since Prime Minister Mateusz Moravcova and ending with the speaker of the Sejm, the lower house of Parliament by Mr. Vitek. The results of this meeting, the poles learned during an evening of televised debates of candidates for President. The leaders of the parties “law and Justice” and “Consent” Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Jaroslaw Gowing agreed that the elections, though scheduled for may 10, will be carried out. Thereafter, the Supreme court declares them invalid, and the speaker of the Sejm will appoint new date of elections. It is clear that the presidential candidates will have to apply again. But all of them, including the incumbent President, found out about it only after it left the Studio of the TV channel TVP.

on Thursday morning, “law and Justice” and “Consent” have jointly overcome the veto of the Senate, and adopted amendments to the electoral code, which allow the current emergency epidemic situation to hold the presidential election by mail. But this will happen not in may. It is expected that in the near future the President will sign this document. Next week, the Supreme court recognizes the elections invalid, may 10. After that, the speaker of the Sejm shall declare a new election date not later than the next two months. The sources of the Polish newspaper Dziennik in the government call dates 12 or 17 July. After that, candidates will have to re-register in the electoral Commission. It’s unclear whether will be the current candidates to re-register their electionseparate headquarters and collect 100 thousand signatures. But it is clear that, if there are new applicants, they will also have to register. This means that the already printed to 10 may about 30 million ballots will become waste paper.