The former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has offered to consider the postponement of the date of the celebration of Constitution Day on June 28 on 5 April, he said this during a video message for the occasion.

Constitution day in Ukraine is celebrated on June 28 on this day in 1996, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Constitution of the country.

"Ukraine is a European country with a long tradition. We should be proud that one of the first constitutions in the world are Contracts and decision rights and liberties of Zaporizhia army, which Pylyp Orlyk signed 310 years ago (April 5, 1710, ed.). Perhaps it is time to move the Day of the Constitution on April 5?" – said Poroshenko. Video published in his Telegram.

As an example, he cited Poland, which celebrates Constitution Day on may 3 in honor of the Constitution of the Commonwealth, approved in 1791.

Pylyp Orlyk – the closest ally of Hetman Ivan Mazepa sided with the Swedish king Charles XII during the war with Russia (1700-1721). The intent of the Orlik, Contracts and decision rights and liberties of Zaporizhia army in 1710 was to take the Charles XII after the victory in the Northern war. It would be a fee for the help of the Cossacks against Russia. The document proclaimed the independence of Ukraine from the Russian Kingdom and the Commonwealth under the patronage of the king of Sweden. After the defeat of Sweden and the Treaty of Nystad conclusion of the paper written by Orlik, to have not taken effect yet.