In this case, 6% – on any terms, and 75% – only on more favorable terms, follows from the survey of service of the SuperJob. Only 5% are willing to remain faithful to his employer.

most Often (77% of cases) are ready to leave the competitors the Russians aged 35-44 and citizens with a salary of 80,000 rubles per month (80%). The main argument for the transition – offer higher salaries. If such a proposal will follow, that he can’t refuse 93% of respondents. 57% not resist the offer of promotion. 47% will attract an offer from competitors with a guarantee of free training. 43% are willing to leave their employer in the company where there is a solid benefits package, which includes free rest, medical treatment and other benefits. 4 out of 10 respondents are willing to switch to competitors if a new job will be closer to home than the present.

For men is more important than promotion, for women, proximity of work to home. Young people up to 24 years more often respond to offers of higher salaries and opportunity to be trained by the employer.

Interestingly, in the 9 years since a similar survey among Russians who are ready to move to the competitors in the best conditions, significantly increased the value of the compensation package (43% today vs. 28% in 2011) and proximity to work from home (40% and 28%, respectively). But the main factor is still the salary (93% today and 85% nine years earlier).