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In Sweden, it is allowed to go on the cabin, and currently is also the resorts open.

– There are many norwegians who have a holiday home in Sweden. We are concerned that people will go on the cabin there, and to the resorts before they close over the weekend, ” says chief of staff Pål Erik Teigen in the Inland police.

It is not forbidden to travel to Sweden, but the police ask yet, people are asked to stay at home.

– first, some might take the infection back. For the other, they will incur a 14-day quarantine. And it is difficult to follow up with them and know that they stay in quarantine, ” says Pål Erik Teigen.

On the bicycle and moped over the border

But it is apparently very difficult for some to drop up your trip to Sweden. Now people use the old smuglerveier to get traded without being detected.

We have seen the last time that they take both bike, moped and the legs begin. They use the old roads of which there are many in this area, says police officers Kristian and Vegard.

They take a chat with everyone they encounter, and ask where they have been and where they are going.

There are many small roads between Norway and Sweden, and police and HV go now streifvakter.

Photo: Ann-Kristin Mo

It is certain many who have been vigorous and found out that a walk through the woods can be a good thing, ” says politioverbetjent Olaf Heggedal.

Both the police and the GUARD are patrolling the border 24-hours a day now. There are 36 border crossings only in the Hinterland, plus the numerous private roads and trails, so patruljene go streifvakter and constantly moving to new places.

Registers all trades

Now does the police have also begun to register all of that comes from shopping in Sweden so that they should not be able to do it again until they have been 14 days in quarantine.

Politioverbetjent Olaf Heggedal people say trades, in Sweden, and goes into quarantine with joy when they come back.

Photo: Ann-Kristin Mo

Tuesday counted the police 25 people who came back from the shop and had to quarantine.

“I think it is sad that people do not respect the government rules,” says politioverbetjent Olaf Heggedal at the border crossing on the Magnormoen.

– We see that some go again, and not in quarantine so that they were required. And then we can prosecute them, ” says chief of staff in the police, Pål Erik Teigen.

The last three weeks, police in the Inland printed 16 reviews for the violation of the smittevernloven and karantenereglene. It is given six fines to the now.

Politidirektoratatet have currently no overview of the number of reported and bøtelagte on a national basis.

Just a ride at the gas station.

Many who live close to the Swedish border takes look not on a small trip over as a trip to another country. Politioverbetjent Olaf Heggedal on Magnormoen checkpoint in Eidskog tell that there is a lot of traffic to a gas station which lies just over the border.

They say that they only have been at the gas station and bought smoke. But when we ask them to read the warning on the sigarettkartongen and ask if it is Norwegian or Swedish, then they must admit that they have been in Sweden, ” says Heggedal.

– It is these who are used to travel to Sweden to act as. They can’t stop, to say it like that, ” says chief of staff Teigen.

Heighten border control

the chief of staff in the Inland police, Pål Erik Teigen, asking people to drop of Sweden-the trip and the stay at home at easter.

Photo: Ola Bjørlo Beach / NRK

Pål Erik Teigen say they want to oppbemanne border control at easter. Police in the Interior now gets 29 new officers, and some of them will assist on the border already this week.

Teigen asking people follow the advice from the authorities to stay at home.

– We can not deny them. But it is not okay. Sweden has a different pandemiutvikling than Norway right now and we are afraid that those who take over the border to bring the infection back to Norway, and that we will get infection on the basis of it, ” says Teigen.

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