In this context, suffered a 33-year-old man with life-threatening injuries and was in the hospital. The police arrested two suspects in the area of Lübeck.

around 19 o’clock, the first distress call from a witness a went to the emergency room. A man was lying injured on the ground. It’s shots had fallen. Volatile, a white SUV was occupied by two male persons.

According to the current investigation escalated in the field of road Domsland a dispute between three male persons on the open road. A variety of witnesses reported two masked men had attacked the 33-year-old Ecker conveyor with a baseball bat and solid acting on it. It was also came to the discharge of several shots. A shot through the Window of an apartment in the direct vicinity. The resident Elderly woman was not, fortunately, hurt, and came up with a fright. The victim was brought in with life-threatening injuries in a hospital.

The two attackers fled in a white SUV with under a trademark “OH” from the crime scene. You may also wore still on the run in the white Car, a masking in the mouth-nose area. In masking, it could have been a medical Mouth guard.

Initial investigations led the trail in the Metropolitan area of Lübeck, where police officers were able to take in the night hours, two male, 27, and 36-year-old suspect on a provisional basis.

The homicide division of the district criminal Inspectorate Kiel has, in close cooperation with the Kiel public Prosecutor’s office, the police station Eckernförde and the district forensic inspection of Lübeck, the investigation recorded.

witnesses, the particulars of the offence or the escape of the perpetrators of yesterday can make, or abnormalities, in particular, to the white SUV with under a plate in the regions of Kiel, Neumünster, Ostholstein, Lübeck, perceived to be asked to the criminal investigation in Kiel under the number 0431-1603333 or to the local police to contact.

Michael Bimler, Kiel public Prosecutor’s office

Philip Hunecke police headquarters Kiel

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