Bloggers from Russia were photographed against the background of forest fires in Turkey and caused anger among netizens. The footage appeared on their Instagram accounts.

In one of the published photos, TV presenter and model Victoria Lopyreva poses in a pink swimsuit against the background of smoking mountains. “I’m so hot that everything is already on fire, — the 38-year-old celebrity signed the post. The caption to the photo was later deleted.

Lopyreva’s subscribers were outraged by the frame in the comments under the publication. “The forests are burning behind, and you say it’s beautiful? Does nothing bother you?”, “Marmaris, Bodrum and 20 other cities are burning behind you. People and animals are dying. What are you broadcasting? Nothing but disrespect, ” they said.

Another blogger under the nickname @Irinawaimer shared a series of pictures in which she poses against the background of a smoking hotel. “Stupidly, I celebrate my 22 years on a “burning” ticket, ” she wrote.

Netizens did not appreciate the humor of the girl and began to write angry reviews under the post. Subsequently, the blogger deleted all the comments and restricted access to them.

Earlier it was reported that almost 100 Russian tourists were evacuated in the Turkish city of Bodrum due to a fire. Local residents and travelers were taken to another area of the city “to avoid possible victims and injured”.

Forest fires broke out across Turkey at the end of July. Then an abnormal weather was recorded in the country: the temperature rose above 40 degrees. As a result, the flame reached the tourist province of Antalya. 15 helicopters were sent to extinguish fires.