Archaeology is a science that is directly in contact with history. Largely thanks to her that we know about the lives of our ancestors from the earliest times. 15 Aug archaeologists celebrate their professional holiday, which has become in some countries the state. Especially for this date is the library “MES” has prepared a selection of the best thematic applications.

a Virtual model of ancient Moscow, more than two thousand unique artifacts, found during excavations in the centre of the metropolis, and more can be seen in the Museum of archeology of Moscow, located on the seven-meter depth. Not so long ago it was opened after restoration. The plot of the updated exposition can be found in the library “mash”.

Underwater archaeology is a relatively young historical discipline. It explores the flooded monuments of history and culture. It can be coastal towns and even whole cities over time were under water, and ships, castaways in the open sea. Learn more about this discipline will tell you a lesson “Underwater archaeology”.

People often live in one place for several millennia, and their belongings and debris gradually form the so-called cultural layer. Its depth can reach several tens of meters. A specialist task is to carefully study this layer. By the way, archaeologists study not only the earth, but also mountain caves. A big success for scientists are such things as cave paintings. What steps is broken, the work of archaeologists and what exactly is the main burden of their work, you can learn during the class “Science — assistant history.”

Library “mesh” is a service of the project “electronic Moscow school”, developed by the Department of education and science of the city of Moscow together with Department of information technology. The library hosted a wide range of educational materials: almost 47 thousand scenarios of lessons, 1500 electronic textbooks and over 380 books, more than 117 thousand educational interactive applications, seven unique virtual laboratories in physics and mathematics, 245 works of literature, as well as a huge number of tasks relevant to the content of OGE and EGE.