Peter nalitch: the Whole world hanging on a string. It has a good effect on the brain

Pyotr Nalich some love for a soulful, wise or encouraging songs, others for a steady debut on the Opera stage, others – for his wonderful tenor he returns to new generations the work of Leonid Utesov, Alexander Vertinsky songs of the war years.

Every year, the artist who represented Russia at the “Eurovision”, had its Great spring concert in the most prestigious venues. Now moved it to April 9 in the Internet. And in preparation for his next premiere, where the sounds and songs from recent album “Morra”, Piotr Nalich told the Explorer, “RG” on how his life changed in isolation: that helped me to understand what is taught, what unexpected joy brought.

there is much talk about what the pandemic coronavirus changes people and after this disaster retreat, we and the world will be different. Do you think we will become better and kinder, or the opposite?

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Peter nalitch: All the important events change us. And this too will change. But not all, of those for whom it is important, and who are accustomed to think. Including the fact that the current situation, coupled with the possibility of death for many people – is an occasion to reflect on the high and the present. Think about it as opposed to a typical career of vanity cases – and perhaps, Yes, a little change.

What joy you have found for yourself in this period of forced isolation, and now have learned something new?

Peter nalitch: in the Beginning it was unusual and therefore a bit uncomfortable. But then emerged a large number of advantages: you will not escape and see with storones for everything that happens around. And most importantly, I began to finish the song that is constantly postponed due to the concerts and tours of different musical pieces for the album and study in gnesinka.

And it’s a feeling that the whole world hanging on a string, good for the brain. It makes think about many things. For example, I again spend a lot of time with my family and want to do it even more. Again read much: “Doctor Zhivago” by Boris Pasternak, the book of Abba Dorotheos (the Christian Saint, famous for its literary heritage. His works are considered classics of spiritual literature ascetic and typically tell of the movements of the soul of a Christian, – Approx. Ed.).

Cease to be distracted by the nonsense, success, and just do everything as you think you will be. For example, in preparation for the concert, the musicians decided in the end have to play Jolly jam. I’ve been wanting to do it, but thought, “Why, because you can speak and with the usual concert – because after all, easier and familiar.” But now the band is ready, and I along with the guys waiting for this concert a lot of unusual, emotional and interesting.

it is always when you go on stage, and in front of you in the hall a lot of people, I guess, like, not enough bold music fighter, always involuntarily think, “What am I now to think? Look, someone even left, and I noticed it and upset…”. And here, on the Internet, you sit and play, you might say, in his kitchen. And you don’t know who subscribes to you and who is detached – you just don’t know. And this, I think, a very good degree of freedom. Maximum creativity and independence from habits. It is for all musicians. And I am sure that at this concert we will be able to find it. But at the same time to find new horizons…

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“Big spring concert” you give every year and is always surprised by change: debuting with the ironic song Guitar, you’ve brought Music band of Peter Nalich, which played cheerful songs, which could make the clubs life. Went to Eurovision… But then suddenly disbanded the group and since then debuted as an Opera singer, I performed with orchestras, he recorded a program of military songs, a DVD of Leonid Utesov… Always looking for a new challenge or you all get bored?

Peter nalitch: If you look at these trends more broadly, we can distinguish three music lines on which I go. With either one of them until turned (smiles). And writing and performing pop and not so pop songs – only one of them. Probably at the moment she is the most popular of what I’m doing.

Though the second line here I manifest myself as a composer, now also in demand. In the play Ramtha “Northern Odyssey” the first time I was able to go beyond the genre of the song. There were choral imitation of Russian folk music and strange psychedelic compositions, and ambient music, lots of music of different genres… Since I work as a composer. So two years ago, he entered the Gnesin music school, the composition faculty. And this is another charge of the musical life that I’m developing.

And the third area is performance. Here war songs and Cliffs and academic repertoire, Opera. I think this direction is the least important. But I know personally people who didn’t value me as a writer and as a singer.

Fans waiting for your premiere from the album “Morro”, on which you are working. And what’s interesting and important to record?

Peter nalitch: the material That I have givenNY moment. Now it’s a dark ballad about the loneliness of Morrissey. But almost simultaneously I invented and frivolous song about a Lady Bear. However, I always have a salad coming out…