Past years since the collapse of the Soviet Union is not enough to cementing the foundations of the Russian state, but the process is, and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin’s working on it constantly. This was stated press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, commenting to journalists on Friday by Putin’s statement that the country is still experiencing a stage of formation.

On Thursday, referring to the Russians, the President recalled that after the collapse of the USSR by historical standards, it was not long, and modern Russia is still under development. According to Putin, Russia is still very vulnerable, much has been done "on the live thread," therefore, the country needs internal stability and the time to strengthen all institutions.

"the President said that after the Soviet Union ceased to exist after the collapse, quite unprecedented collapse in history took very little time in a historical context. And, of course, is very little time for the full establishment, strengthening and cementing the foundations of any state, including the Russian Federation", – said the representative of the Kremlin. According to him, "therefore a legal basis, many regulatory practices [done] "on the live thread".

"We see that consistently there is a process of improvement, the cementation process required for a full and irreversible strengthening of the state, and a very important and significant step in this direction was finansirovanii the process of amending the Constitution", – said Peskov. "Vladimir Putin is working on this constantly, it is one of the priorities of [the strengthening of the state]", – assured the press Secretary of the President. "20 years ago we lived in the country, the condition of which left much to be desired, the state was on the verge of collapse, the government just lived in conditions of existential threats – threats from inside and outside" – recalled Sands. He said: "Now we do not live, we live differently, but there is still lots and lots of work, mentioned by the President".

Answering the question, is there a metric by which to judge of overcoming the consequences of the 1990-ies, a Kremlin spokesman noticed that "one can certainly focus on a variety of digital indicators". "And the main indicator, which attests to the sustainability and stability of the state system is what the President said," – said the representative of the Kremlin.