“of Course, it will take some time. There are a lot of calculations”, – said Peskov on a question when the Russian economy will reach pre-crisis levels. Throughout the country you will need to unite to overcome crisis manifestations. “But on the other hand, the crisis always tempers,” said he.

Six years, the Russian economy lives in conditions of rigid economic restrictions. “I wouldn’t call them sanctions, because sanctions are something legitimate, that is implemented on the basis of the decision of the UN security Council. And this is bandit restriction”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

the Economy was able to adapt and turn this to their advantage. “Before self-sufficiency far, but we have come a long way”, – said Peskov. Complete self-sufficiency is now difficult to achieve. “But the manifestation of the inexplicable hostility of non-economic methods in relation to our country, non-competitive approaches, unfair competition, saying that it is better to be as self-sufficient”, he continued.

“We were able to adapt to a hostile environment and is a guarantee that anti-crisis plan in advance everything will work out well,” concluded Sands.