Peru hopes the secret supply of masks and tests COVID 19 from China

MOSCOW, 18 Jul – RIA Novosti. Peru hopes to get masks and rapid tests for coronavirus imported from China “secret” route for fear that they may be detained in other countries at the background of the struggle for these goods because of the pandemic coronavirus, Reuters reported, citing the head of the state operational command of the anti-coronavirus Pilar Mazzetti.

According to her, party of 300 thousand tests was in China since then, in March, a scandal erupted in Spain about the tests, bought from China – they did not meet the standards and showed a high percentage false negative results.

Mazzetti said Reuters that it is expected that the “plane with humanitarian aid” tests and products for personal protection, such as N95 masks, will be shipped from China on Friday and will arrive in Lima on Monday or Tuesday next week.

“because of the situation in terms of security does not say which way to go the tests. I think the most reasonable is to not mention this. The whole world is in despair,” she added.

she replied in the affirmative to the question whether the airplane to avoid flying through the US.

According to her, Peru offers four shipment of medical goods from China. In one of them, planned to send 1.2 million tests for coronavirus.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health, the country has 13 489 cases of infection with coronavirus new type, 300 people died.

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