Fit and Healthy people that during the coronacrisis to be physically and mentally strong to want to stay, but don’t know how they have to keep on going, you may have to coach and enable the feature.The Flemish Institute for Healthy Living and a Domus Medica will have to be ensured is that the entry-level coaching through a project and Move On may continue to go on. That is, they will do it through video calling a reality, and there is temporarily no referral needed from your gp. However, the fit between a doctor and a coach to keep.

Normally Flemings is a Movement In Reference to coach through a referral from the primary care physician. However, because general practitioners are in the full coronacrisis to focus on other urgent matters, putting a Healthy Life in collaboration with Domus Medica and the Agency for Health Care which letter is temporarily on hold.

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staff member, Luc Lipkens of a Healthy Life: “All those who do not have enough movement, or too long to sit still, may also be at the coronacrisis directly with a specially trained coach and enable the feature. This is a unique opportunity. The kids are ready to go to the Flemings, from a distance, to be justified, even in the time of the application.”

in A Move To Referral-the coach will work with participants to simple ways to get more movement into their daily lives. The coach draws up, together with the participant over the phone beweegplan in size and his or her motivation from the sidelines.

the move is of crucial importance in the times of the solar corona

“With this kind of attention can be quite a bit of physical inactivity and sedentary Flemish is a quality way to be motivated to exercise more and also to hold the end of the current coronacrisis, said Lipkens. Plenty of movement is very important for good physical and mental health. In a period of less social contact, big changes, and the concern will be that the support for the exercise of virtue to do that.”

Move Pointer ” is a project of the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living, funded by the Flemish Logo’s, and a wide range of local organisations. Since its start-up in 2017 and released it already has more than 4,900 of Flemish people to have a more active life, and there are 115 to Move In Reference to coaches active across the whole of Flanders.

Why is this project success? “It encourages people to make physical activity an easily accessible and personalized way”, says Luc Lipkens. “It’s not going to get a subscription at a gym, it’s going to have to search hard to find a more moving space in your home and the environment.”

From the pilot project has shown that 74% of the participants were feeling better by 52% compared with may, and about 41% of the better sleep after taking part in exercise On Referral. These figures make it clear that this movement has on the physical and mental health.

a Participant to Paul By Name (51 years old), puts it this way: “It’s not just a question of performance. My coach, Dirk, love so much bear with me. It is thanks to his support, I have a lot more motivation to get myself up to the experience.”


people that are more willing to move, it can be viabewegenopverwijzing.becontact with a Move To Referral-to coach in their local area, via phone or e-mail. The coach looks at the telephone with the participant or not there is a risk to health exists, to start it, and review it with your doctor. This is followed by a telephone interview. The coaching itself is done solely over the phone or video calling, as well as other providers of services that today are forced to do so, such as tabakologen. If you are worried about the cost: these sessions will be largely funded by the government. So if you want to do more to move, and (from a distance), a shot in the arm you can use it is at the time.