“We are here to help you and your child to help you. Even now, so many pediaters in an open letter. They do this because they have the number of children that they see on the pitch, with the fall. Parents may be afraid to be contaminated by Covid-a 19 in the hospital.

“Recently appeared in the press a few posts about some of the children who are in Europe or elsewhere, have died of Covid-19. This hurts us very deeply. However, we should stress that these are rare events, in agreement with the fact that the Covid-19 in children, as a rule, a mild, and over you know. And, in addition, we must not forget that each and every year of the flu, and other viral infections, the children die, they are also very, very rare” according to the letter.

Pediaters or for children’s doctors to see significantly fewer patients in the er, and make sure that the parents are on a visit, to postpone because they are afraid of the feline corona virus. But, it sounds like it is, in some cases, it will help to better not to be delayed.

“on this note, we would like to stress that it is a serious infection Covid-of 19 children is an extremely rare occurrence. Covid infections in children in the vast majority of them are asymptomatic or very mild, and are significantly less severe than in adults. Fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches (flu-like symptoms and diarrhea may occur, but rarely, a hospital stay is required. With a mild fever, and reduced injuries you, as a parent of an antipyretic, such as paracetamol and administration”.

is Not in contact with the coronapatiënten

Pediaters to point out to you that the children that they have to consult, not to come into contact with patients with Covid-19, and that there is no risk of infection, and if that’s the reason why they turn away from it.

“Is that you, as a parent, be worried because your child has more severe symptoms (for example shortness of breath, or drowsiness), you should contact your home, or the child’s physician, even if the child doesn’t have a fever,” has, in this sense, the doctors go further. “For a more comprehensive list of the most alarming symptoms, and symptoms of the reasons to see a doctor to contact, you can also find it on the website of the Child and the Family, and this list is valid for all of the infections in children.”

“If your child has an important problem, then finding medical assistance is not in!”

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