now that The new week will start mostly dry, with a wide opklaringen. At the end of the day it is mostly cloudy from the north, with some showers in the region. In the Ardennes, and it remains likely to be dry with more sunshine. It will be quite chilly, with a maximum of 2 to 3 ° c in the Ardennes, heights of up to 8 or 9 degrees celsius in the center of the country. It is said by the royal meteorological institute.

Monday evening, and night, for the first time, partly cloudy, especially in the north and in the east, chance of a shower on the Ardennes heights, as the melting of the snow or the snow is falling. In the course of the night, everywhere is dry, and gets the most out of. The lows of -3 degrees celsius in the b & b (there is a chance for freezing fog) of up to +3 ° c along the coast.

Tuesday will remain dry, but there is still quite a lot of cloud cover to the south of the river Sambre and the river Meuse. In the afternoon, will there be anywhere a wide opklaringen. It continues to be fresh for this time of the year, with a maximum between 3 and 9 degrees.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday would be mostly dry, with the time, especially in the north west the chance to have a shower. The ceilings go from a 6 to a 10 degree angle. On Friday, it would be a weak disturbance across the country, and during the weekend, it would be the sensitive, quieter, and with the temperatures on Sunday to be 16 degrees.
More about the KMI Weather report: “Sunny and 14 degrees celsius in the middle of the country,” Saturday promises to be dry and mild weather, rain Showers leave the country and make a place for opklaringen Code to yellow and the number 1722 as an asset, because the risk of storm and flood damage