Sex & Relationships Whether you’re single, at a very early stage fell in love with, or married for years to you. If you are in a happy home, and in the case of joint custody, or is in an unstable relationship. Love, in all its various forms, is put to the test. NINA writes all the stories, relatiedeskundige Wim Slabbinck give advice. The power of this moment of love. Today, you can read up the first part of it. Workaholics and passionate traveller, Sarah (43) Michael (43) are suddenly at home on each other’s lips: “The agency is now in his mancave”

SARAH: “I’m a real workaholic. As a stylist, I am responsible for the costumes and props at a photo or a video production. A very varied job, absolutely not a nine-to-five, where I’m using a lot of different people have come into contact. My job is my baby. I work with almost on a daily basis, but for now, all the commands are gone, and I’m looking at a completely blank calendar.”

by MICHAEL: “I run with my brother, is a Thai restaurant located in Ghent, Aroy Aroy. We are a young business, launched in 2018. And now we are so close. For a number of weeks to conclude, we can financially contribute, but it is much more. We are looking forward to the support of the government. Also, I used to have to do the hard work. Did you know that in the morning, early in the morning to late in the evening, but I just don’t prefer it.”

SARAH: “Just because we’re both working so hard, and we don’t have kids, we give our five holidays a year. Travel recharges our batteries. This is our qualitytime, because we’re with each other during the week, just barely visible. However, our trip to Malaysia, just after Easter, does not take place; that is, to Israel in July and hopefully will be. After the coronacrisis shall we not soon go on a holiday, we will be there again, to fly in order to return the money.”

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