In any case, in all regions continues to act in a mask mode when visiting shops, public places and in transport. Hard mode isolation is preserved for the majority of Russians older than 65 years.

In the Omsk region has started to open the showrooms, Shoe shops and clothing to the residents was the opportunity to prepare for the summer season.

“But only stand-alone stores or having a private entrance. And area not exceeding 400 square metres. Compliance with all sanitary norms”, – informs the regional administration.

About these conditions talking and acting Governor of Kamchatka Vladimir Solodov. In the region also will remove the “closed” sign with non-food shops with an area of not more than 400 squares and with a separate entrance.

In the Ivanovo region also allowed the centers to freestanding stores, but with other limitations. The capacity of the store should be not more than 30 persons, subject to the standard five squares in a visitor.

And in the Novosibirsk region will resume food markets. In Novosibirsk yet. Here negotiate sanitary measures.

On the Kamchatka Peninsula then went on to earn tailoring, dry cleaning, Shoe repair. And in rural areas of Yakutia will open businesses and barbershops. But a mask mode, as elsewhere, no one has canceled.

In Ivanovo region, to the delight of the women earn a beauty salons and Barber shops, where you can not only hair, but also a manicure with pedicure. By the way, the dentists in the area also go out to work, but will provide only emergency care. And baths and saunas – only obschegigienicheskih showers services.

Commercial breakthrough was made by the authorities of some regions. In the Ivanovo region, for example, open malls (shopping centers). However, not completely. Their territory is restricted to pharmacy work, the grocery store, points of sales and points of distribution purchases of online trading.

will Open the centers in the Belgorod region. But only the departments of non-food items. And to go into the building will be limited number of visitors – a man on five square meters.

But what the Belgorod lucky – so it is with the zoo and dinopark. They too will open. However, in animals, and “dinosaurs” can be viewed only in the open air. No denominator or zoo with monkeys and snakes while not allowed to visit.

In Leningrad region will go to the Museum. But the mask, prevents the government of the region. Not at all, their list will appear later. It is not excluded, will introduce additional constraints, for example, the number of visitors. Can also earn and cinemas, apparently, with the same conditions.

residents of the Novosibirsk region already gulim�� outside and play sports. But not more than two persons. The same condition – and for the residents of Magadan. But there may be four people, if it is a family.

In the Tomsk region, too, was allowed to walk and train family groups. The rest only alone. For sports Tomsk authorities will open the stadiums, health tracks and roller tracks. While hanging out with family, you will not only in the courtyards of houses, but in parks and gardens. Subject distance. To train outdoors and let in Yakutsk.

In the Khabarovsk Krai, the region’s residents are now able to walk. But very limited: at a distance not exceeding 500 meters from the house. Some fresh air will be from 9 to 12 hours and from 20 to 23.

And in the Ivanovo region has set a timetable for sports: from 20.00 to 8.00, said the regional government. But without the use of street sports equipment. And Jogging is necessary to keep the distance to other citizens at least three meters. Here resolved not only walk parents with children but also for Bicycle rides.

In the Kostroma region is also clearly established social distance for each “fun”. For walks it is two meters, for runs five metres. Will be able to go for walks with children and on a single sport in Kamchatka.

And in the Omsk region will allow commuter trains stop at all intermediate stations, so that residents could get to their gardens and plots. Access for visitors to the cemetery will also be open.

the Mode of self-isolation in Tatarstan was not mandatory but recommendatory. And a ban on leaving the house now, not even for those who are 65+.

to get around the city cancelled a digital pass that residents received via SMS, and help from employers.

But imposed tough masono-glove mode. The protective mask will have to carry in all public places, in shops and public transport, including taxis. In addition, you need to wear gloves.

For example, in the Kazan metro and some hypermarkets may 12 is already not allowed without these attributes.

But in Tatarstan were allowed to the wedding. However, when you register the marriage in the room can be no more than 10 people. Shopping centers remain closed, with the exception of work are grocery stores and pharmacies. Also in the Republic of prohibited trade from 22.00 to 6.00, exceptions are made for pharmacies and gas stations.

From may 15 from Kostroma airport resume flights to St. Petersburg.

the Flights will be operated three times a week. For all passengers compulsory temperature input filter, glove and mask modes.

Perhaps the short period for which the extended mode samosa��of acii imposed because of the pandemic, in the Stavropol region. Until may 18.

In the Omsk region – until may 24, and in the Kolyma – on may 25.

In Yakutsk and many other cities of the Republic the mode of isolation is extended to may 31. As in Kamchatka, and in the Volgograd region.

In the Tomsk region the mode of isolation extended to 1 June and from 18 may enter the mandatory mask mode. Before June 1 will be saved-isolation and in the Khabarovsk territory.