the Agreement on its establishment was signed in 2014, the Prime Ministers of the two countries. Since its opening in 2018, an innovation Park silk road joined two sites: Chinese and Russian. In April 2018 in XI’an (Shaanxi province) opened the Chinese segment of the Park. This was followed in August of the same year in the Moscow world trade Center “Greenwood” was opened on the Russian platform “silk road”. Over the past three years Chinese and Russian segments of the Park provide a range of opportunities for cooperation of Chinese and Russian enterprises, and also realization of scientific-technical, trade-economic, humanitarian projects, developed in-house by universities of the two countries. After three years of activity of the Russian-Chinese innovation Park can be called a model of international cooperation.

to Strengthen high-tech cooperation of China and Russia contributes complementary scientific and technical resources of the two countries. Participate in this cooperation of enterprises and specialists of the two countries. To participate in the development and implementation of projects of the Chinese Park has attracted research institutions of Russia, which has teamed up with Chinese universities and research centers. Thus was created the Chinese-Russian laboratory of marine engineering, the Chinese-Russian Institute of laser technology and applications, Sino-Russian business incubator of MIPT. However, the Park undertakes a range of measures in the field of high technologies, including the First Sino-Russian competition of innovative industrial projects, Sino-Russian innovative forum in the field of industry and technology “silk road” and other events. The result produced a list of outstanding innovative R & d projects, aims to accelerate the introduction of scientific and technological achievements and promotion of effective development of the production process, which laid a solid Foundation for expanding bilateral trade volume between Russia and Western China, particularly Shaanxi province.

in order to combine the innovation capabilities of the two countries, Chinese Park enhances the development of technologies, research and development equipment, manufacturing application of high and new technologies, exchange and training of scientific personnel of the two countries, implementing a number of Chinese-Russian incubation projects related to the development of the exoskeleton, underwater equipment, laser rangefinder. However, in the China Park involved the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of entrepreneurs, Association of doctors of forensic medicine was established Center for training and testing Russianwow language and the Union of Russian compatriots in the countries of the initiative “One belt, one road”. Thanks to the implementation of a series of joint projects in science, education, trade and economy, as well as research in the Humanities, aimed at promoting cooperation and interdependence between the countries of the initiative “Economic zone silk road”, Chinese Park found a successful new model for international collaboration.

At the beginning of the year in the Chinese segment of the Park, there were more than 40 companies, among which the Russian innovation center “Leader” and the development Corporation of the Penza region. Nine Russian companies, including the company “Tehnolab” and LLC, entered into agreements with Chinese companies and universities on joint development of fields such as precision mechanics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. At the same time in Russia settled Shanxi automobile Corporation, XI’an company, Xi”an Continental Bridge International Logistics, Shenzhen scientific and technological enterprise, Tenda and others.

To attract Russian businesses to conduct commercial activities in the Chinese industrial Park was put forward a number of lucrative offers, including preferential terms, reduction or exemption of rent for office space, the reward system, and high professionals, and others. The enterprises provide business advice, issue business licenses, work visas and provide a range of other services in two languages. The Park was created visa application centre for registration of visas of the countries of the initiative “One belt, one road” for employees of enterprises or individuals in addition, top managers of the companies here can obtain visas to APEC countries. At the same time the Chinese Park is equipped with specialized service, consulting, legal and tax representation, business incubator and financial center. The Park also employs international school, international hospital and residential house of premium-class. All this creates optimal conditions for work and life of residents. The Chinese Park is committed to provide enterprises with five-star service that they successfully conducted their activities in China.

As noted by the assistant rector of the Moscow Institute of physics and technology Alexander Melerzanov at the opening ceremony of the China-Russian business incubator at MIPT, a Chinese-Russian innovation Park “silk road” at the expense of rational planning and operational work concentrates pre-emptive opportunities in the two countries, offering foreign companies a full range of services. “The Park works with full confidence in the future,” he said.

the head of the international innovation center “Leader” ��odnoimennoy Corporation noted that “in order to coordinate innovative resources of Shaanxi province and Russian enterprises of Chinese-Russian innovation Park silk road provides enterprises of the two countries all the possibilities for reciprocal links, exchange of information, enhancing trade and economic activities and the associated implementation projects. Thus, Shaanxi province very attractive for many Russian enterprises.” According to him, the industrial Park was “the first example of investments made by Russian enterprises.”

2020-2021 been designated years scientific-technical and innovation exchange and cooperation between China and Russia. Using this feature, the Sino-Russian innovation Park silk road will continue to play a leading role in creating the brand of the centre of science and technology, economy and trade, culture. In the innovation Park of hope for the improvement of cooperation platforms and mechanisms for the provision of professional services to Chinese and Russian companies and universities. It is a common idea to combine the advantages and capabilities of the two countries, as well as pair of project parties. In addition, in 2020, the Park will continue to expand humanitarian cooperation in the field of art. It has been decided that the Saint-Petersburg state Conservatory. N. And. Rimsky-Korsakov, Moscow state Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky and Moscow state academic art Institute. V. I. Surikov will open representative offices in the Park, these famous Russian universities will open courses of artistic training for Chinese professionals.