Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn

according to Western media, the relationship of 22-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson Paris and her 23-year-old lover Gabriel Glenn ended — the pair has decided to part ways after a two-year romance.

This news comes shortly after the premiere of the final episode of the documentary series Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Glenn Gabriel, which was released yesterday on Facebook. In this Paris talked about the differences that arose between her and her boyfriend.

Characteristic of the Aries is that we are very impatient. If we talk about the people we love, or what we care, we have the patience of the saints. But this is a very interesting speaker. We are both very stubborn. I always knew that stubborn, and knew that he was stubborn because he’s a Taurus,

she said.

she called her boyfriend her “soul mate” and said he had a big impact.

Gabriel showed me that love exists, and not only in the movies. And it’s not as pretty as it seems in the movie — it can be ugly, and there may be more beautiful than described in the movies. I don’t feel so alone. He’s had on me, my life and my heart with such an impact that I can’t even describe with words. I can’t imagine my life without him

— admitted to Paris.

Paris, and Gabriel began Dating in 2018, after she saw his band, The Trash Dogs in Hollywood. The lovers are soon founded his own group called the Soundflowers, and recently Jackson has presented his debut song.

they say the insiders, the gap of the pair was peaceful and the former lovers remained in a normal relationship. Now Paris is focused on his music career and spends a lot of time in a recording Studio.