Paris Hilton

the Premiere of the documentary about the life of Paris Hilton This Is Paris will be on YouTube September 14, however, details a Frank interview the stars began to appear on the network a week ago. So, 39-year-old Hilton has revealed to fans of the mystery, which was kept more than two decades. The celebrity spoke about violence, which are systematically subjected to while training in the boarding school in Utah. Today on the pages of the magazine People published an interview with Paris in which star admitted that due to the experienced teenage violence she has long been allowed their Boyfriends to show her cruelty, justifying that love.

I Have had many toxic relationships. With me rudely treated: they were beaten and choked. I’ve put up with what shouldn’t. I’m so used to humiliating to themselves during their stay in boarding school, I thought that such violence is okay. All relationships with five Boyfriends who abused me, always began the same way: first they all seemed like good guys, and then revealed his true self. They were jealous of me and tried to control it. At some point they showed physical strength and began to destroy me emotionally,

— said the Hilton.

Paris Hilton

Paris also said that for a long time could not get out of these abusive relationship, because I just didn’t know what love is and how it should manifest. The reality star, justified the cruelty of former lovers that they were very much in love with her, but looking back, she can’t believe I ever let someone so bad to a handle.

In an interview with reporters, Paris Hilton and remembered the scandalous sex video with her participation, which in the beginning distributed in the network, her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon. The star is convinced that if not for her childhood trauma, she never would have linked their lives with that person:

I’ve met the worst person I could, and if not for my heavy experience with Provo Canyon School, I would never let him into my life. This boarding school has greatly influenced my future relationship with men.

Paris Hilton has noted that over time can get rid of a childhood trauma and are now completely happy in a relationship with 39-year-old businessman Carter Reuma. The star confessed that every day feels with him in full security, and expressed the belief that before she was not ready for a really good and sincere relations.

Carter Reum