celebrations for the Day of the Navy of Russia has caused a lot of comments from Network users around the world. Many commentators have called marine parades, which were held in Russia and even beyond, a show of military power and readiness to protect the Russian Maritime border. Others, however, were quick to call the parade a manifestation of militarism and aggression. “MK” reviewed with comments of Internet users on the occasion of celebration of the Russian Navy.

the Parade of military ships of the Russian Navy on the occasion of the celebration of the Russian Navy were held across Russia from the Baltic to the Far East. The celebrations were held in places of basing of the fleet: St. Petersburg, Baltiysk, Vladivostok, Kaspiysk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Severomorsk and the Syrian Tartus, where the point of logistics Russian Navy in the Mediterranean.

For lighting festive events around the world, accounts Russian embassies in social networks introduced the hashtag NavyDay by which foreign users can watch photos and videos of Marine parade. Many users appreciated the event, noting the training of Russian sailors.

“how ships are built, how to operate with them planes is amazing. It is very nice to look as if it works. Honestly, very few countries can show something similar, and it’s nice that this brotherly Russia” – wrote on Twitter Gorvana-Radoganovic

“I would Like to see these guys visiting us in India. What they do is spectacular, beautiful and most importantly – it is very real. Now many people know how to be strong in words, but do not show it”, said Rahul Kumar.

Many users have said that the naval parade in Sevastopol took place during the ongoing in the Black sea NATO exercise. As the commentators pointed out, the Russian Navy has shown a willingness to defend the country’s borders even in the face of a potential enemy.

“the Decent thing before the face of continuing attempts of the U.S. and the EU to make the Black sea your. Bravo,” wrote under the post of the Russian foreign Ministry user Angus Clarke.

a Lot of comments from your Arabic world have compiled a video of the parade in the Syrian port city of Tartus, where the point of logistics of the Russian Navy. The festive event was watched by thousands of locals and millions of people were able to watch a recording of the parade on the Network.

“May God save the Russian soldiers, our army, the militia, and of all who protect our country. Let all together we will be able to bring peace to Syria,” – said user Maher Maher

“Hello from Iraq. My heart is with Syria and the Russian ��ratlami there. Be strong,” wrote the user Noor Mohammad.

Not without critical reviews, mostly from users from Ukraine. Many of them noted that the Russian fleet in the Black sea can be destroyed by the forces of Ukraine and NATO.

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