Pandemic in Africa Yes or no Or no one knows

Africa is suffering from coronavirus is not as strong as expected, at least not yet. Someone even suggested that a new infection bypasses the continent side. So, at the end of March across Africa, was discovered less infected than the one in Portugal. Even today African statistics is much more optimistic than the European one. For example, the 22 April was recorded a little over 25 thousand infected and slightly more than a thousand dead. And in Italy – almost 184 thousand patients and about 25 thousand deaths. Optimists hurried to explain such epidemiological well-being the fact that in most of the countries of the Black continent has a very young population, which is transferred СOVID-19 easy or not ill. Besides, during the long years of struggle with different infection Africa has improved its sanitation infrastructure, and Africans had developed immunity and were less susceptible to various infections.

However, many experts believe that the modest African figures – it’s just an illusion, and in reality the statistics may be much higher. Poor law and medicine available, as well as a lack of tests is still quite difficult to assess the full picture of the coronavirus, said in an interview with radio Sputnik head of the Centre for sociological and political studies of the Institute for African studies Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Kostelanetz.

But South Africa, along with Egypt, Algeria and Morocco, was included in the list of top countries by number of infected.

However, the tightening of quarantine has already provoked unrest among the populations of African countries, which for economic reasons can not long remain locked up. Most Africans were self – employed and sitting at home, they will be left without a livelihood. But the authorities are adamant. For example, in Kenya on violators of the quarantine police have the right to shoot. Was recently killed by a teenager who came to play even on the street, and on the balcony. Then the President personally apologized for the police. In neighbouring Uganda and Rwanda quarantine even tougher.

And this despite the fact that the effects of isolation can seriously undermine the local economy, which in some countries is moribund, said Sergey Kostelanetz.

Africa to combat the pandemic urgently need a hundred billion dollars. Half that amount, according to the UN, it is possible to obtain if the African States will cease to pay the loans of international organizations. Of course, stop all debt payments – this is an unlikely option, as most of the debt of African countries is owned by private investors. However, if we consider that stability in Africa depends on the welfare of European countries – who wants to see a new flow of migrants, and with a coronavirus, part of the debt may be restructured or written off and new loans and grants will be provided.

the Main thing is to move before it’s too late.

Author Olga Gavrilova, radio Sputnik

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