Cute photos of the orang-utan in the Pairi Daiza is currently dedicated to countries around the world, thanks to a close friendship with a otterfamilie. Especially the father, Ujian, and his son, Berani seem to be in the company of the little animals to enjoy. The four-year-old man-ape is playing hide and seek with his friends.

The family of otters living in the river across the territory, ranging from the orangutan Ujian (24) And Sari (15), and they have a son, Berani (4). “The otters are enjoying it in order to get out of the water and onto the island of the orang-utan has to go out and play with their big, furry friends,” said a spokesman Was Goedefroy of Pairi Daiza. “Certainly, Berani, and his father, Ujian, have a very special relationship with their next-door neighbors.” This is clearly evident in the photos.
Play Berani hide-and-seek with his friends? Photo: Pairi Daiza/Pascale Jones

two of the species, according to “Pairi Daiza”, as the animals are “engaged to be mentally, emotionally, and physically. “That’s why we have enrichment programs for our orangutans, our carers with them, entertain them, and mindgames , puzzles, riddles, and other things to put their intelligence to work out.” One possibility is to use different species of animals in contact with each other, so that there is a mutual interaction. “It will make life for both the animals are fun and interesting, and it has been a very successful experiment.”

“Come on, come on, come on” seems to be Berani-to-call Photo: Pairi Daiza/Pascale, Jones,
Although the photos are about a year old, collided with a British news agency recently, on the. The pretty pictures get now the major news sites such as CNN, the Daily Mail and The Sun .

Also, the father Ujian can get along very well with the otters in the Photo: Pairi Daiza/Pascale Jones < / P>

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