in this challenging environment “the Osbournes” returns to the TV screens! Maybe to understand what’s happening and why leap 2020 was so not calm and anxious, generous in disasters?!

the New show will be called: “Osborne want to believe” (The Osbournes Want to Believe). It will involve himself, Ozzy Osbourne (with in the music world, the nickname “Prince of darkness” and always adored the mystique), his wife Sharon and their son Jack. Missing from “the Osbournes” now only daughter, 35-year-old Kelly, which builds an independent career of singer, actress and fashion designer.

But for the first time the main character of the action will be 34-year-old Jack Osbourne (the only one in the family who are not fond of music and chose the profession of film producer).

Jack suffers from multiple sclerosis, an incurable neurological autoimmune disease which he was diagnosed with eight years ago. The only son of the “Great and terrible” (another nickname of the famous singer of Black Sabbath), then immediately began to be more interested in scientific discoveries, physics, psychology, medicine, astronomy, the study of paranormal phenomena… And in the end invented this TV show.

according to British music portal New Musical Express, the show would be very unusual. And discussion. Sam-Jack is convinced that paranormal phenomena exist, but parents – Ozzy and Sharon are such claims very skeptically.

this is Why Osborne, Jr., has collected a number of frames recorded by the cameras. On some commercials he saw a UFO (unidentified flying objects), on the other – a poltergeist, a walk of “Bigfoot” and other phenomena, whose existence science denies or is not able to explain.

That’s the son of Ozzy Osbourne and try to do it myself, gaining arguments and evidence. Add to it the commercials that managed to shoot himself. Read snippets of research that considers convincing.

And his star parents will listen, to watch with him and to decide whether it happens or does not happen? True or not? Whether you want to explore or nonsense?!

it is Obvious that the program is worth the wait and reviews of experts, scientists, psychologists…


the First edition of a new show family the Osbournes scheduled on channel Travel Channel-2 for 2 August.