Narrow-minded division of people into larks and owls often suffers from shortcuts: the first — well done, waking early in the morning, the second — a strange Sony comes alive in the evening. But being a night owl in a world where it is accepted to be a lark, much harder than it seems. Experts believe that the hope for a public rethinking natural sleep there, and increased it during a pandemic COVID-19. During the period when a person loses track of time and decreasing external control mode of the day, people no longer listen to your own biological clock and not the alarm.It is important to understand that the natural owls are fundamentally different from people with insomnia or those who stay too long at work until late at night. Their activity and productivity during evening and night hours — the same biological feature as height and eye color. In General belonging to the chronotype does not cause problems. But only as long as the owl doesn’t try to fit in to the schedule not matching her natural cycle.To understand the complexities of owls, just look at the social realities. Business day “nine to six”, low in the night or round the clock infrastructure, and reinforced the stereotype of the early rise as a mandatory component of success. During this nocturnal activity, and sleep until lunch time associated with laziness, idleness, lack of will. Bonus bad from others, sarcastic comments and ridicule, unsolicited advice to take a sleeping pill and go to bed early.Centuries later, in a culture formed the image of an energetic leader who comes to the office before anyone else (and certainly after a run). But experts urge people to say goodbye to domestic farmers is to get up with the roosters for morning ploughing is no longer necessary.Nevertheless, people continue to have alarms. The author of the Munich test chronotype, chronobiology, til Ronneberg has introduced a special term — “social jetlag”, he means the discrepancy between the biological clock of a person and the schedule imposed by society. The phenomenon can cause a lot of trouble for health, from stress to obesity. In a perfect world Ronneberga people should sleep when tired and Wake up naturally with the end of sleep.Photo: Getty Madeli really need, Sov can “re-educate”. Professor of medicine, University of Oxford Colin ESPI asked patients who wanted to adjust your sleep mode in a few weeks to gradually shift your schedule by 15-30 minutes a week, to Wake up from bright light and sleep in complete darkness. It causes the brain to stop melatonin production — the hormone of drowsiness. To turn the owls in desperate lark, of course, not be possible, however, to reach an acceptable middle is quite real.However, the owls find themselves little life hacks to adapt. Old��ll to improve daily productivity with timing and restorative procedures, redistribute household chores, looking for meetings watch the match, and also use timers, and everywhere — from email to the washing machine.The latter, however, now rare: many of the industry just can’t afford it. The Danish company B-Society aims to popularize the “chronologist” (chronoleadership) — the idea that enterprises should adapt their business models under the sleep schedule employees, and not Vice versa. Ideologues call for a start to give people a choice and observe the results: you may doubt it is necessary to put the normal social beliefs, and not owls.Daria Chertkov