As our lives are completely at rest, toggle that on and the tits in a higher gear. No, there is a moment in the nest box. But what is there out behind the other side of the door of 3.2 inches?


Photo: Hollandse Hoogte / He Schoonewille photography < / p> house hunting

for a Moment, rewind to the first half of march. The male meesjes have to worry. “They’re thinking, Where are we going this year in our nests?”, it says gedragsecologe, Jenny De Laet, who, the birds, and all years of study. “As soon as the days begin to lengthen and the warmer it is, bubbles that are in demand, automatically. Especially if it has been more than fifteen degrees, that is, it is in the price. Then trace them to the nest boxes in your garden, or tree holes, and even a great chance of winning. Usually, they take the place of the year within the range, but they are also looking for some additional options. Because the female has once in a while like the choice. They cut the knot. There will be, and nothing else.”

All mezenvrouwtjes not luxebeesten, as it turns out. They are more often opting for the retro for sleek design. “Sometimes you can get them from, say, three tables yet again, the one that you’re thinking, ” That house had last year been replaced. Their decision is incomprehensible.”

Day 0 to day 14

Moss, a moss, a moss,

“It all starts with a little bit of moss,” says Jenny De Laet. “And so it goes on. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Depending on the weather, what time of the year, and the size of the nest box. The entire surface must be covered with moss.”

And, just to make it tits already, even in your own mind when you have the choice of a nest site. “They have a large mailbox, it is full of moss to lie down. Those tits get so subconsciously, a lot of the work on the neck. In a normal place, they have an average of one to two weeks of work. In the mailbox is a little bit longer to complete.”

Once the mosbodem is completed, you will be the man for a moment. The finishing touches for the women. “That creates a “dimple” and it is a dry grasjes, leaves and twigs, and found the horses, sheep, or dog hair to make it soft. No feathers on the koolmeesjes. Pimpelmeesjes to do that. Each to his desire. For the litter, and she sleeps in it.” It’s a male? That’s a reference to the proverbial couch, and sleep, somewhere, in a void, or unused nesting box.

Every day an egg,

Day 15 to day 23:

“Time for the first egg,” said Jenny De Laet. “Each and every day, usually in the morning. With a firm pace. Each case covers the woman’s eggs and leaves the nest. Breeding does not only protect the eggs during the night against the cold. Prior to the actual broedwerk begins, all the eggs will be there first. Usually, that’s at least eight, and sometimes even a few more. Then and only then, lose some feathers on the belly, and a warm, well-dooraderde nesting site for the eggs to hatch.”

“From tits and other birds, the birds should be at the same time, from the egg to come out,” says Gerald Driessens Natuurpunt. “So they’re all at the same time, raise children, and do they fly well at the same time. Imagine for a moment that his mother was still in the nest, the young birds while the rest are out in the bush there. As a child, it is very difficult to manage. In birds, it’s a different story, and that’s where the eggs will be spread out, and I was a young, ten-day and one-day-old. Also, that’s a very good reason. In these species, there is no secure supply of food. In times of little food, may be the oldest and the youngest will eat. Horrible? And that’s just for the night.”

now Back to the tits, to which the mother found out the nest of leaves. In order to eat, but to mate. “Each of the eggs is fertilized,” said Jenny De Laet. “And the man is sometimes deceived by his buurmees. There are monogamous men, but there are also those who like to have a crooked skate ‘ drive away. And for a female it is very well aware, it is the price. Like it or not. The man notices that it is not. There are no names on them, though. However, he is trying to avoid. That is why they are in that period of time has always been very alert to intruders in their territory. They are there to help. If you are mezenbolletjes in the garden, is, to spread them. If there is one, is the little man in no time, at ease with all of the other tits around his wife.”

as If that wasn’t stressful enough, it can imitate the female and the sound of the young man. By pretending to be a mezenjong is, she challenges the man to a minimum. They can have the extra food to good use during the installation. And the old man, that you can’t resist that sound.”

the Hissing like a snake:

Day 24 to day 37

“The breeding can begin to, and it may take a day or fourteen,” says gedragsecologe Jenny De Laet. “If you are in the nesting box opens up, it will be significantly faster. The females will protect the nest with outstretched wings and a hissing sound that reminds one of a snake. After all of these years of research, I tremble still.”

a Little feather, a lot of hunger

Photo: rr. < / p> Day 38-a 56

the baby-boom in the nest box. The boy is coming from. “Naked,” said Gerald Driessens Natuurpunt. “Not until after more than a week, they’re feathered.”

“After nine, go for the eyes”, says Jenny De Laet. “To sleep, the woman was still with them, and so many people in such a cramped box care. After an average of ten days and leave the nest to search for food. Because these animals are hungry, and every youngster will get, on average, more than sixty caterpillars, or spiders every day.”

Watch out for the little cat,

Day 57 to 77,

it is Time to get out and fly. Although this is usually not the same guy as it was born. Sometimes it dies, there is, however, one of the little birds in the nest. There are always some weak brethren, or sisters. “The boy who could fly out to succeed since a lot of work in,” says gedragsecologe Jenny De Laet. “They are easy prey for birds of prey and cats. During the first days of fall there is a lot of. Parents, they have to still feed it. After spending three weeks out of the nest, they may be able to do this.”

the battle

• Choose a small box that you can, so that you can be in the winter activities. Tits to make it like a new nest on top of an old copy of this book, which is a breeding ground of insects.

• Hang on, it will not be in the flat by the sun, otherwise it will be on a hot day, well over fifty degrees, so in this case.

• Hang it at eye level. So, you do not need to hang on and be empty to pick it up. The cats want to get in any case, whether it is now the high hang, or not.

you can Choose a location on or in the vicinity of the native trees, plants and shrubs. There are a lot more insects in the diet of the most effective than exotic species. An oak tree is the best choice in terms of bladluisjes, moths, and co.

• Hang on, it is not just a small patch of grass. If the guy can fly out, they will be too much distance for them to have a secure and safe bush to find it. They are sure to be a, um, bird and a cat.
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