every year the American film Academy attracts new filmmakers. It is necessary to refresh the blood. Elected officials are getting the usual e-mail and usually do not pay attention to him while in the press fuss. It happened this time. Film Directors Marina Razbezhkina and Vitaly Mansky learned that they proposed to become members of the American Academy and decide the fate of the “Oscar” thanks to the media. Now they are faced with a difficult choice: to be or not to be.

In 2016, the year of similar news caught the Petersburg Director Victor Kosakovsky consisted on an iceberg where he was filming a new movie. And now his colleague Vitaly Mansky learned about the invitation in the ranks of the us Academy, thanks to the Russian media, although he has been living for several years in Riga. Marina Razbezhkina and all was right in the middle of nowhere and noticed that the existence of a Director is akin to being in the iceberg, just each his own.

this time the United States sent invitations to 684 68 countries, taking into account ethnic and gender factors. Without them it is impossible in the world of film and step tread. 45% fell on the share of women working in film, 36 per cent of ethnic groups, so that the list of invitees were people of all skin tones.

the List itself is very interesting and deserves a separate study. Along with the young filmmakers and representatives of the productive middle generation it appears 75-year old classic of world cinema Udo Kier. He is a favorite actor of Lars von Trier, starred in 246 paintings around the world. Pozdnova something got to him the heads of the Academy.

Russian filmmakers, too, was among the representatives. In addition to the above Vitaly Mansky and Marina Razbezhkina, it is proposed to enter the film Academy, the editor of the film “9 Rota”, “Stalingrad”, “a Tall girl,” Igor Litvinskaya, special effects supervisor Dmitry Tokoyakov constantly working with Andrew Zvyagintseva, and in particular the painting “Leviathan”, and sound engineer Paul of Doreuli, in the filmography of which is “Viking” by Andrei Kravchuk. In the list – and living in Prague, artist and Director of animated films Daria kashcheeva, received the student Oscar and a nomination for the big “Oscar” with the film “Daughter.”

the fate of the members of the Academy award is honorable, but hard. Need to watch all of the films applying for the award “Oscar” that takes a lot of time and effort, and then vote for those that liked it. In addition, each year will have to contribute to the financial support of the award. Membership fees are in the order of 400-450 dollars a year, and this amount transformirovalsya, of course, not downward. For those who do not live in Hollywood, and in the countries the third world, and with difficulty finds means in his paintings, this is an exorbitant amount. The statistics of failures it would be interesting to trace. Everyone is free to choose to accept his invitation or not. If the filmmaker is also a member of the European or Asian film Academy, the annual payments may hit hard the budget of his family.