To a single storey to an orphan house in Trosna immediately and firmly stuck the name “Barack”. Although built on the outskirts of the village structure of seven owners is more reminiscent of a roadside Motel, just no Parking. The doors of all flats facing the street, from rickety porches to the road are narrow, somehow concreted track. The house is faced with beautiful white siding “under a log” and is covered with a green roof of tin shingles. Each sticks out from the wall pipe of ventilation and hanging a small mailbox.

a Wooden porch is unreliable not only on the surface.

– Although we only lived here two years, it has repeatedly broken. Repair by own strength, – has told 21-year-old Oksana Lovchev.

After school, she got a job at a factory, got married and wants to have a baby. But not here – it was too uncomfortable a place.

For metal entrance door is a little hallway with a heating boiler. Further large room, its Windows overlook the back yard. In the corner of the sink, next to the door to the bathroom. Realtors call this layout “Studio”.

– House panel from sandwich panels, internal partitions flimsy, the drywall. Ceiling the stretch ceiling no glass and the roof frame. All made possible by budget, of the most cheap materials, very poor quality, the owner of a neighboring apartment Alex Scabbed leads me to behind the walls of the battery. She bolted with screws – fell off a month after moving in. The host maintains the heater than can reliably secure the heat sink to the thin wall is impossible. Sink for the same reason, propped with a stick, to hang anything on the wall will break. The linoleum on the floor is not fixed – it is just lying on the concrete. The backyard leads non-insulated, plastic door, for reliability it is equipped with a latch.

the backyard goes unnoticed in the field, at the far end of which is blue forest. In the administration of the district field called “promising development “the village Youth” – under the weeds, according to officials, laid the necessary communications.

Store away, the street is not lit, take out the garbage nowhere, the bus does not go. I don’t like – continues Oksana.

Home for orphans was built in the summer of 2017 in just two months. Apartments in this municipality purchased 1.05 million roubles apiece. The average price “odnushki” in these parts – half a million.

“the Cost of apartments was determined by the analysis of market prices”, is his Deputy of economy Irina Pisareva.

a Friend realtor said that in public procurement of housing often use the following diagram: popular portals publish advertisements for the sale of an apartment at the right price and doing the screenshots and will become the basis for evaluation. And ads then removed.

Flats bought from Orel company “Granit”, the declared field of activity, – production of concrete products. Despite the criminal case, the authorities of Trony sure that everything is done correctly.

Apartments comply with the terms of the contract. Most of the houses in the Trosna panel, I also live almost in the same, – admitted Alexander Frolovichev, who oversees the district social sphere.

After a complaint of the orphans in “Barack” visited the representatives of housing inspection and prosecution. The first crime is not found, the second is found.

– During the preliminary review identified violations in respect of municipal control over the safety of housing. The head of the district made representation, – concluded the Prosecutor Trosnyanskogo district Natalia Gavrilova.

Stanislav Ryvkin, the lawyer:

– unfortunately, the situation with the “making” of officials in the construction of houses for orphans and repeated regularly in different regions. Orphans belong to vysokorazvityh social group. Problems of deprivation, unwillingness to protect their rights and interests accompany them after an exit from children’s homes for a long time. Often they don’t even complain. Most often in such a situation, the investigating authorities to initiate proceedings under article 285 of the criminal code (abuse of power). And the defendants in this case get off with fines.