Katy Perry and Orlando bloom.

the 43-year-old Orlando bloom and his 35-year-old bride-to-be 35-year-old Katy Perry will soon become parents. The actor said that, can’t wait to see our new baby.

I’m excited. It’s a magical time, when the planet descends like an angel, so for me

he said the air show “Good morning America” on Thursday.

bloom also noted that “looking forward to those late nights” when he would get up and feed baby from a bottle.

I’m not going to breastfeed, but I’m sure that there are bottles,

— joked bloom.

I’m looking forward to it, because I like those quiet nights when the world seems as if the baby is sleeping. This is a rare quiet time at home, only you, the family and the baby. Mom breastfeeds and you at this point understand that helping a little life grow in this world,

he said.

Orlando is no stranger to family life and fatherhood, as he already has eight-year-old son Flynn from ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

Perry announced in March that they and Orlando are expecting their first child. Then the singer showed rounded belly in a music video for the single Never Worn White. In April a pair of, the engagement which took place on Valentine’s Day in 2019, admitted that they will have a girl. The name of the baby happy parents have not yet chosen, although they have a couple of options.

We have yet to determine its name. I look at her and all at once decide

— explained Katie.

the Singer’s hit Teenage Dream thrilled to become a mother. She admitted, very emotionally experiencing pregnancy.

I had a whole range of emotions. I was amazed, I was happy, I was overjoyed, I was depressed. All this I endured,

— concluded Perry.