Festvals “There needs to be clarity about our festival summer”, say the organizers of the big festivals like Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop and Rock Werchter. They are waiting with great interest the decision of the National Security council, ex. For all of the mayors, and virologists of the negative opinions on the government’s decision. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst, was three weeks ago, it is already clear that: “The risk to the corona virus, again, to bring back, it is too big. In the summer you can cancel it your best shot.” Fear that the mayors of the municipalities where the biggest festivals take place, and share it. Friday’s were the mayors of Boom and Rumst, that if it depends on them, Either does not come into effect this summer. As the mayor of a Local who has a negative opinion for Gmm.

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as a result of which negative recommendations proposed by the secretary of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem (CD&V) to be the next National Security council to make a decision about the festival summer. “There is need for clarification for the festivalorganisatoren,” he said. Monday morning, the minister of the Walloon radio station, La Première, there is still this to say: “The decision is going to be very soon be formalized. We must, unfortunately, be expected to have a cancellation.”

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