president of the UNITED states Donald Trump went on to say in the beginning of march, to corona-the problems would be over in april, to anticipate a large american death toll.

It is something of a volte-face, but it is an opinion that is not backed by rigmanden Bill Gates.

In the past week, said Donald Trump, the american death toll caused by corona virus would end up in between 100,000-240.000, and it would be a good news, if it was not higher.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates also saw the press conference, and he believes, therefore, that the numbers are too high.

“If we keep the social distance, we should be able to get out of here with a death toll much less than that,” says Bill Gates, on Fox News.

IN the UNITED states has about 315.000 citizens diagnosed with coronavirus and about 8500 have lost their lives. The numbers are rising all the time.

Bill Gates believes that it was right to act to stop the virus from spreading.

“If we had continued to take on work, travel as we did, so would the curve have never bowed before the majority of the population was infected, and so would a massive number of search hospitalshjælp and very, very many deaths,” says rigmanden.

Bill Gates has pointed out repeatedly, that countries should better prepare themselves in diseases like these, and that it is not wars that are the biggest threat to humanity.

But he says at the same time, also, that even though coronavirusset is really bad, then it’s not the worst scenario.

He expects there to be put much money in preventing diseases such as these and be more prepared for the next pandemic, when this pandemic is over.

Bill Gates is the world’s second richest man. He is second only to Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon. Bill Gates says that his foundation will support the fight against Covid-19 with up to 100 million dollars.