Onishchenko urged not to justify himself in front of the American media

MOSCOW, 16 APR – RIA Novosti. Former chief sanitary physician of RF, Deputy of the state Duma Gennady Onishchenko urged the Russian media not to make excuses after allegations of the American press in the “digital Gulag” in Russia in connection with the use of electronic technology as measures against the coronavirus.

“I would like to turn to Russian media, which are so serious, with the involvement of experts justified before independent American editions for some reason appropriated the right to judge about everything and everyone, and very emphatically and categorically – the New York Times, Washington Post and so on, which broke another maxims that Russia in connection with the use of electronic technology for the control of self-isolation has become a “digital GULAG”: violated all human rights and so forth,” – said Onishchenko to RIA Novosti, noting that the Russian media after publication of “is justified in all seriousness”, although there is nothing to justify.

He believes that the problem here is purely medical.

At the same time, Onishchenko called shamelessness on the part of the US authorities to justify a person’s right to die without medical care.

the fact of “hitting” from the American side at all, except themselves, is a manifestation of the human psyche, considers Onishchenko.

“Man is a gregarious mammal. He lives according to the laws of public. When the leader of the country every day, being in hysterical excitement produces all kinds of unthinkable sentences: he accuses China that he hid his disease, he declares that the world health organization is no good and it stops its funding. Naturally, all leveling up to the leader. This population-based psychosis that has gripped the American nation, he is today, of course, is harmful,” – concluded Onishchenko.

“Hope for the human conscience and the American leadership, and American press that these 28 362 people died (from COVID-19 in the US) in order to fully be persons who freely without the intervention of medicine (left) to get sick and die, and yet my fellow Americans have done everything to ensure they survived. But, unfortunately, the failure of the political leadership and the leadership of the U.S. Department of health, countries with the second largest economy in the world, (is that they) are so stupidly care about the health of its citizens”, – added ex-the head of Rospotrebnadzor.

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